Rencontrez Vitalky Malkin à la Fnac de Monaco

Retrouvez l'auteur en dédicace dans votre Fnac Monaco, à l'occasion de la sortie de son livre Illusions dangereuses.   Plus d'information

Fnac Monaco
Monaco - 15h00
21 julio 2018

Rencontre au Club de la Presse de Strasbourg

La rencontre avec Vitaly Malkin organisée par la librairie Kléber à Strasbourg se passera au Club de la Presse juste en face de la Librairie.

Club de la Presse
Strasbourg - 17h30
19 junio 2018

Dangerous Illusions: An exclusive evening with Vitaly Malkin at Waterstones Piccadilly

Businessman, author and philanthropist intent on freeing man from religion, Vitaly Malkin will be joining us in store for a discussion on his new book, Dangerous Illusions, a battle cry in his enduring quest to save man from God.
Malkin asserts that man is doing himself a disservice by focusing on life after death - that belief in religion prohibits man from living a full and complete life now. He believes mankind will only be truly happy if we are able to shake off our dangerous illusions in order to live a life more rooted in the present.
Join Vitaly for a riveting look at the impact and cost of religion on our lives, as he fearlessly refutes our most careless beliefs, encouraging us to be more aware of the dangers religions pose to our society and, even, to change our intellectual practices altogether.
Drinks and canapés will be served from 18:30. This is a free event although please register your interest.

Waterstones Piccadilly
London - 18h30
20 junio 2018
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